A Thin Line Between Love and Passion

Last January 12, 2013, Force Majeure Events Management Experts held a gala presentation in SM North EDSA of “JOE: The Rocksicale” (A Rock Musicale), a live theatrical rock musical featuring a contemporary fresh new take on the life of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.  

The rocksicale opened our eyes on the life of Dr. Jose Rizal. It showed us and made us realize that Dr. Jose Rizal was like any of the ordinary people, who falls in love, makes lots and lots of sacrifices, etc. The rocksicale gave us inspirations to struggle from our personal and emotional flaws to reach our impossible dreams and to aim things that we want to perceive.

This rocksicale showed us the symbolisms and Dr. Jose Rizal’s contribution to our country. Some people barely have knowledge on our national hero but in this rocksicale, people can portray the life of Dr. Jose Rizal and on how he became our national hero. How important are Jose Rizal’s contributions? Of course, they are really important to our lives and our society whereas we are standing. He changed our country to a better one. He made us open our minds to larger understandings in life. He inspired the people in their time especially the youth to fight for our country’s freedom and for the right things around us. Because of him, we are now experiencing the freedom that he have always wanted and he even sacrificed his own life for the risk of the country.

Dr. Jose Rizal, I must say, is just a ordinary person like each one of us. He’s not special in a way that he has superpowers or he has some magic like a child would think about it. For me, well yes, he does have superpowers as in super amazing. Well, just joking. But really, he’s a super hero for me. He saved our country even tough I know he made some mistakes in his life, well yeah, people do mistakes right? It’s normal. Of course I’ve been able to see those teachings in our classroom lessons (especially now, as a 3rd year high school student, Jose Rizal is required in our curriculum in Filipino). Our teachers made sure that they teach very accurate story about our national hero, and that was how I’ve known Jose Rizal.

History Vs. Art. History is painted by the people as they struggle through their lives. It is in the past that we can’t change no matter what. It remains as a piece and memory of the past. Yeah, that’s history. It can’t be redo nor undo and we just need to accept the face that “What’s been done has been done” no matter we like it or not. Art is a form o expressing ourselves in our past and in our future. It shapes our lives. People can choose to where they belong. That’s art. We could do a change in our life but once it becomes a part of yesterday, history shall prevail.

Education Vs. Entertainment. Well for me, my ratio for this pair is 1 and 1 respectively. Why?  Because in most cases, the tools used for getting an education vs entertainment are almost the same. For example, TV can be used for entertainment as well as for education. Similarly, computers and books can be used for both purposes. Even outdoor forms of entertainment like going to a movie or a concert or a game can be similar in time and cost to an educational speech or a seminar or a training class. It’s like in the quote of Jim Rohn, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

This rock musical deviates from usual themes concerning Jose Rizal by their way of presentation like musicals, plays and other stuffs because well, in reality, most students find reading history books boring. But by watching this kind of play, we can learn more and at the same time, enjoy it and learning the same things as we can find in the book. Maybe not as deep but through gradual learning, we can have the knowledge about the history and life of our national hero.

Of course, I’ve appreciated the whole rocksicale but for me my favorite part was when Joecas was torn between his love for Joanne and his passion for his work. Well for me, that was the most intense part because choosing between something that you love and value most is a very difficult thing to do. It inspired me in a way because it showed a directly proportional similarity to Dr. Jose Rizal’s life and it also inspired me to love my own country no matter how hard it is to bear with it.

For the music component of the rocksicale, well it was fantastic! It fitted in our generation today. Most  kids now doesn’t appreciate classical music and they prefer rock music, so the musicale went well with it. And of course, I love Canon Rock! (the song that was played when Josephine and Jose got married) For the script, it was a job well done! It deliberated the right words and the words were very easy to bear and understand. And of course, for the acting, the actors portrayed their roles very well! Two thumbs-up for them, yay! They delivered their lines so perfectly that you would be amazed of their skills and for every emotions that they express, I also feel it.

So far, I have already watched three productions of Force Majeure. The first one is “Ako si Ninoy”, followed by “Cory ng EDSA” and as of 2013 is the “JOE: the Rocksicale”. I am eager to watch another event organized by the Force Majeure because they make me inspire with the things and symbolisms that they portray in every productions.



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